200 OK for Investors

There are a few ways you, as an investor, can participate in what we're building at 200 OK:

1) Become a Member

Our mission is to build a diverse and inclusive group of angel investors who care about helping founders build the next generation of dev tools. We have only three criteria:

  1. You are an accredited investor
  2. You have worked in an operational role at an early stage dev tool startup
  3. You are willing to join our Discord and be a resource for founders who have questions

2) Join our Syndicate

Every now and then a deal comes through that a bunch of us are really excited about. If the founder is up for allocating at least $100k for 200 OK, we will provide access to this deal through our syndicate.

3) Share Dealflow

If you are an investor (Angel or VC) that is interested in hearing about startups and deals in the developer tools space, let's be email friends!