200 OK for Founders

For founders who are seeking investment or advisory, here is how we operate:

  • We target pre-seed and seed stage investments.
  • We prefer to talk to folks who have at least built a prototype that they can demo.
  • We lean towards teams with at least one technical founder.
  • We try to match you with strategic angels who are interested in investing and able to help your company take the next step.

Contacting Us

If this sounds cool to you, we would love to chat! Please View Source for more info on how to reach us.


What happens after a founder contacts 200 OK?

We set-up a "hello world" call, where we discuss 3 things:

  1. The product you're building (a live demo is best)
  2. Your fundraising goals (amount, cap, timing, etc)
  3. What you need help with outside of fundraising

Following the call we provide feedback on your demo and pointers to any people or resources that we think can help move you forward.

Are you willing to write bigger checks as a syndicate?

Sure! For founders who are not looking for strategic angels and would prefer a single, larger check we have set-up the 200 OK Syndicate.

Do you offer Advisory Services?

If you are looking for an advisor, please let us know. The FAST agreement from Founders Institute is a useful tool for setting something up.